The Play That Goes Wrong.

Saturday 15th April 2017, today is my birthday, so I’m celebrating with a trip to Cardiff for two shows today. Firstly I’m at the New Theatre in the heart of Cardiff City Centre, for the Matinee performance of ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’. The reviews for this play have been phenomenal, so really looking forward to watching this and having a laugh while I’m there.

This play is based around the adventures of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, under the premise that if something can go wrong, then it will go wrong. Even as people are taking their seats the fun goes on, and never really ends until the interval. The comic timing is superb, with so many laughs as things start to go wrong from the very start. I have to say the actors are magnificent in their portrayal of inept characters in a murder mystery play. The first act is extremely funny and in some cases you know what’s going to happen next, yet you still laugh at the sequence that follows, due to the fact that it’s actually choreographed so well.

The second act was just as good, with so much slapstick comedy and sets failing all over the stage, it makes for a fabulously entertaining afternoon. With so much going on, actors getting hurt and set guys filling in, with such hilarious consequences, you just had to laugh, it was impossible not to. Again the cast were so good, brilliant in fact, to be able to carry on the way they did without falling about in stitches themselves was unbelievable. Definitely one to watch and rewatch again and again. I hope it tours again soon or Peter Pan goes wrong and I’d love to see the new one about a bank robbery. So good to watch and just have a laugh on the way.

So part one of birthday shows completed. Moving off for part two at the Millenium Centre.

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