The Commitments 

Friday 14th April 2017, start of the Easter break, so I’m back at the Magnificent Millenium Centre in the equally magnificent Cardiff Bay, for a performance of the hit musical ‘The Commitments’. One of the many shows I’ve never seen before, I don’t think I’ve even watched the film version either. Although watching tonight will add another musical to my growing list.

The story centres around a young man who tries to put together a soul band in Dublin. A fast paced, funny, musical with great singing by a fabulous cast, most of them playing the instruments on stage. I have to say the music was excellent, some of my favourite musical pieces, sang live, with plenty of heart and conviction.

Really enjoyed tonight’s performance, nice and loud and getting everyone in a great mood, which is what amazing live theatre can do. It’s well worth a visit to watch this show. I have to say it’s fantastic and really looking forward to another visit tomorrow for one last show before it moves on. 

Apologies for the short blog tonight, I intend to write a bit more for my next visit to this entertaining musical. 

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