Lord of the dance: Dangerous games.

Today I’m at a different venue, at St Davids Hall in Cardiff City Centre for a performance of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games. Having seen this amazing show last year, I knew I would need to see it again, on its return to the Welsh Capital.

From a brilliant opera last night to a fabulous dance orientated show tonight, my horizons have been greatly broadened with these extraordinary shows so close to home. The standard of exquisite Irish dancing in this production is phenomenal. Everything is so precise, fast paced and just breathtaking to watch. 

With so much happening on stage, this story of good verses evil really packs a punch. With fabulous graphics behind the dancers, a superb score and live fiddlers on stage, and some great singing with the fantastic voice of Sophie Evans (Erin the Goddess) getting in on the act. The lead male dancers (Lord of the dance and the Dark Lord) and female dancers (Saoirse, Morrighan and Little Spirit) are just magnificent, and not to be outdone, the ensemble cast are absolutely brilliant as well, with pinpoint accuracy with every step taken throughout this show. This is most noticeable in the line, when all dancers take the stage for that classic Riverdance moment, as every dancer is in step with everyone else. Brilliant to watch, and so good live.

The staging is quite brilliant as well, along with the colourful screenes depicting images of good and evil, the additional lighting and sound really add to the feel of the show. The tap routines are so good, as heel and toe hit the floor simultaneously, creating a perfect sound level from all the combined dancers. So precise, and all synchronised, you would think it was one dancer hitting the beat. 

The whole event goes by so quickly, (you never want it to end, and when it does you just want more), and most of the time you cannot take your eyes off the stage, as you flit between good and evil. As choreography dictates this whole show, I must admit this has to be one of the best I’ve seen, and one I would love to see again and again which, as usual, I probably will, on its next visit to Cardiff.

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