La Boheme (1st performance).

Saturday 28th January 2017, and I’m back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay, for the Welsh National Opera (WNO) production of La Boheme. Looking forward to watching this opera. I’ve seen it once before, with the Ellen Kent company. It will be nice to see how the WNO take on this classic opera. I have to say that everything I’ve seen of them so far (over the last four years) has greatly impressed me,  having seen nearly all of their productions in that time period.

This opera was just brilliant. The voices on show tonight were of the highest quality. Mimi played by Marina Costa- Jackson had such a beautiful voice and together with Dominick Chenes as Rudolfo, made a great couple, as his voice was just excellent too. Marcelo played by Gary Griffiths and Musetta by Lauren Fagan were also brilliant, making this a great pairing to go with Mimi and Rudolfo. 

The whole cast were excellent, as they usually are with the WNO, from the other principal singers, through to the chorus and the children appearing in the background. As usual the WNO orchestra, lead by Manlio Benzi, were just superb, playing this wonderful score to perfection.

An amazing opening night, and a full house to go with it, and as usual I had a few tears in my eyes during many of the scenes, as great music and fabulous voices combined to make this an unforgettable evenings entertainment. Will definitely be watching this production again at the Centre, before it goes out on tour.

Of course later in the year (April 2017), we have the brilliant musical ‘Rent’ which is based on this great opera. Another one of my favourite shows, I’m really looking forward to seeing this live on the Millenium Centre stage. 

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