Mary Poppins (4th performance).

Saturday 24th December 2016, Christmas Eve and back at the Millenium Centre for my fourth performance of Mary Poppins. After another long week in work, I’m so looking forward to this musical again, as it’s just brilliant. 

For today’s show we have Lottie Sicilia playing Jane Banks and   Regan Garcia as Michael Banks. May I say that all the children I’ve seen, (three separate sets of these young actors) have all been absolutely brilliant. The talent we have in British theatre, at the moment is incredible, (as I’ve been saying for ages), and looking good for the years to come. 

Again today the show was just fantastic. Zizi Strallen is better than perfect as Mary,working comfortably with Matt Lee, as Bert. So many excellent performances by all the cast, as they have been in all the shows I’ve seen so far.

A shorter blog today as it’s Christmas, but I’m back at the Centre for more of the same after Xmas, so I’ll go into a bit more detail of the show at my next visit.  

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