Mary Poppins (3rd performance).

Sunday 18th December 2016. Today I’m back at the wonderful Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay for another performance of Mary Poppins. After yesterday’s superb shows I can’t wait to see today’s instalment. Watching these shows so many times, I get the opportunity to view each of them from a different vantage point. Yesterday for instance I had front/middle and front left side of the upper circle. Today I have a totally different position, as I’m in balcony d (side of the circle). The opposite side to yesterday, so I get to watch from a different angle. The view changes every time, that’s why I continue to watch so many of the same show, I get a totally new aspect each time, which makes each performance special for me.

Moving on to today’s matinee performance, with a few cast changes, mainly to the roles of Jane and Michael. Violet Tucker is Jane with Finley Miller as Michael.

After two days of viewing this musical, I’ve fallen in love with it already. Fabulous singing and dancing. Magical special effects,(so difficult to achieve on a live theatre show, without looking cheap and nasty), that are so good and work so brilliantly as the show moves on. Not to mention the fantastic set, flowing seamlessly from scene to scene.

I always try to mention the ensemble and the mini orchestra settled in the pit throughout. Without these amazingly talented people, the show would never get off the ground. As I’ve always said, these guys and girls, don’t get a lot of publicity, but they should,as they are brilliant, just adding so much to the show. Today’s ensemble cast are superb, with their group dances and harmonies, combining with the principals to make each show so special to all who view it. Then we have the mini orchestra (don’t like’band’ it doesn’t sound right for this show), working away feverishly in the pit, bringing the music alive, in their inimitable way. Keep the excellent work you do going, because I will always champion this part of the cast for every show I get to see.

Another truly fabulous show, sitting on the balcony opposite and watching the light show at the end and looking across at Zizi as she flies was breathtaking. The chance to watch that from so many different positions is just worth it everytime. Again everyone in the show was superb. A fabulous way to enjoy a chilly Sunday afternoon, can’t wait to come back for more.

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