Billy Elliot (18th performance).

Saturday 26th November 2016. It’s the weekend, and my last visit to the brilliant Billy Elliot the musical, as it ends it’s run in Bristol today. This is another show I’m going to miss, but at least I’ve had the opportunity to watch this amazing musical in two different venues and cities. The cast for this show are just superb, with a great mix of child and adult actors working so well together, to produce such a fantastic production, a totally amazing musical.

So to today’s matinee performance. We have Billy played by Lewis Smallman, Michael by Elliot Stiff, Debbie by Italia Ross, and the role of the small boy played by Nicola Turner.  

What an amazing coincidence, my first show for Billy had Lewis playing the lead, my last show also has Lewis in the title role. And what a performance today. Lewis was again outstanding. This young man seems a lot older than he actually is, he just gets better and better with every show. To literally run this show, on stage for 95 % of the time,it’s hard going, but seems to do it with ease. The ballet scene and electricity were just superb. Also the finale scene, Lewis had so much control of the whole thing, simply brilliant. (As I keep saying at every opportunity). I’m proud to say that I met Lewis and his family in Cardiff, what an amazing young man, I hope his career blossoms in the future, and leads onto some excellent parts in different productions as the years go on.

I must also add that all of the Billy’s I’ve seen, have also been excellent, although I think I’ve seen Lewis (7 shows)  more times than Adam, Matthew or Haydn. And the same goes to these fine young actors as well. Good luck to all of them, in the future.

And yet again another incredible performance from all the other young actors and actresses involved in today’s proceedings. These young stars of the future are just magnificent and get better every time I see them. I know I say this every show, and every show it’s true, the standard of performance from all, is second to none. It’s also great to see that the British theatre scene is so strong at the moment, with some incredible talent everywhere you look. I think that is another reason I see shows so many times. I just can’t get enough. 

So it’s been absolutely fantastic to have the opportunity to see this fabulous show so many times. I love it to bits. So from me I wish every single one of the cast best wishes for the rest of the tour. In the words of Tony ‘knock em dead kiddo’

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