The Full Monty.

Thursday 24th November 2016, another day off work today, so back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay, for a matinee performance of The Full Monty. As I’ve never seen the film before, I must admit I’m not sure what to expect today,  still it’s theatre at its best, so I’ll probably love the show, I seem to do that for everything I see.

The cast for today’s show consists of some recognisable faces including Gary Lucy, Kai Owen, Andrew Dunn, Lewis Emerick and Chris Fountain, and a great performance from the young lad playing Nathan (Gaz’s son). Also some great acting from the ensemble, making this a really good show.

I couldn’t stop laughing for most of the show. Really funny throughout, totally enjoyable and a show definitely worth another viewing, if it was here a little bit longer. One week never seems enough.  Added to the funny scenes,  were a few sentimental moments, which really hit home, sometimes producing a little tear. Especially the scenes with Gaz and Nathan, talking about custody battles etc.

The whole cast were simply fabulous, and because of that the show simply raced by, two and a half hours of pure, brilliant, entertainment gone too quickly. That’s another reason to try and see it again next time around. Really surprised me just how good this show actually was, (as I think I may have said before).  The day doesn’t end for me there. Off to Saint Davids Hall to watch the magnificent ‘Shires’ tonight. If they are as good as this show this afternoon, I’m in for a stupendously fabulous day off work.

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