Mamma Mia (19th performance).

Sunday 13th November 2016, and back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay, for the final performance of Mamma Mia, before it continues on its Uk tour  later this month. I’ve had a ball watching this amazing musical for the past month. I can’t believe just how much I’ve fallen in love with this production. 

Everything about this musical is perfect. The singing is just magnificent, by all the cast. The dance routines are fabulous and so clean and crisp, the same for every show I’ve seen. The energy of the whole cast is prevalent throughout each performance and just gets better every time. The band in the pit have also been superb, their musical precision on every track, at every show, has been phenomenal. I know I’ve mentioned this in most of my other blogs, but I can’t help it, this is just how I feel about this monumental musical. It’s simply brilliant. In fact if this was running for another month I’d still want to see it another 20 times on top of the shows I’ve seen so far. Just can’t get enough.

The production crew have been amazing also. With lighting, sound ,stage management and all behind the scenes staff, working together to choreograph this whole show. Making it the spectacle of brilliance, the audience appreciate time after time. The scenes just flow into one another with ease. The only problem with that is it goes so quickly. Before you know it  the show is over, so you just want to see it over and over.

In all my blogs so far for Mamma Mia, I think I’ve covered all the major points I want to put over, about this excellent musical. My only regret is that I never had the time to see it more than I did. I think I needed to see this more than 19 times. So let’s hope it tours again in the next five years or so. I can watch it on even more occasions when that happens. 

On to today’s final performance at the Centre,to start off we have Stuart Hickey playing Harry. As I’ve been saying throughout, the vocal talent for this musical is incredible, as every actor has such a good voice. But I have to mention a few cast members who are phenomenal. Firstly Lucy May Barker (Sophie), her voice is just amazing, I would put her on a par with Carrie Hope Fletcher as one of the best voices I’ve heard at the Centre. Every time she sings I get a lump in my throat, and a tear to my eye. Such a fabulous voice.  Secondly to Sara Poyzer and Jenna Lee James for their portrayal of Donna. Both of these singers are incredible, bringing the role to life with such vast vocal ranges, from real belters  (The winner takes it all) to the subtle and sweet tones, such as the brilliant ‘Slipping through my fingers’. And I can’t forget all the other lead roles, as these singers are just brilliant as well.A real pleasure to sit and relish these wonderful singers, live at the best theatre in the world. (Of course I’m talking about the Millenium Centre, as usual). Again another fabulous show and one I will never forget.

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