Mamma Mia (17th and 18th performances). 

Saturday 12th November 2016, it’s the weekend again and I’m back at the Millenium Centre here in Cardiff Bay for two more performances of the brilliant Mamma Mia musical. Today I’m going to finish talking about my favourite scenes of the show, which is more or less all of them. We ended last time with Sam singing ‘Knowing me, knowing you to Sophie.

The set changes to Donna’s bedroom as she tries to get ready for the wedding. Harry arrives and promptly gives her a cheque to cover the wedding costs,then breaks into a beautiful rendition of ‘Our last summer’,along with Donna,as they reminisce about the past. A lovely scene this is, as it paves the way for my favourite scene of all. As Harry leaves, Sophie enters to show her mum the dress.

This scene has me reduced to tears everytime I watch it. Sophie asks her mum to help her get ready. Donna begins and as the music starts for the introduction to ‘Slipping through my fingers’ I can feel the tears welling up. A truly magnificent piece of theatre then ensues, as Sophie puts on her dress as a tearful Donna watches on. As Sophie leaves she asks her mum to give her away. Such an emotional scene and so beautifully done. As if that wasn’t enough Sam enters and confronts a tearful Donna who puts him in his place with another fantastic rendition of  ‘The winner takes it all’. One amazing scene with three superbly sung Abba songs in its midst. Definitely the best scene of the show.

The final scene (before the finale) takes place at the wedding venue. With Bill and Rosie getting together for a comical routine, as Rosie tries to seduce Bill. Singing ‘Take a chance on me’Mayhem ensues as Bill wants nothing of it, until they share a kiss and the whole scene changes. A change of pace from the cryfest of the scene before. The pair are disturbed as the guests arrive for the wedding.

The wedding scene itself is brilliant as Donna admits she doesn’t know who Sophie’s dad is, Sophie decides to call off the wedding for a while as her three dads admit they would rather have a 3rd of her as a daughter. Another magic moment, and so heartfelt. As the party breaks up Sam calls them all back as he proposes to Donna with the aptly titled song ‘I do,I do,I do’. A really happy ending  to a fabulous musical adventure. The show ends with Sophie and Sky heading off for their adventure to discover the world, with Donna and the three dads seeing them off. Sophie sings a reprise of ‘I have a dream’ before heading off towards a huge impression of the moon at the back of the set. A moving end to a glorious musical.

Of course the show doesn’t end there. We then have the finale as all the ensemble take the stage for three more renditions of Abba classics. We start with a great dance routine to ‘Mamma Mia’ before Donna, Rosie and Tanya enter dressed in brightly coloured 70’s Lycra and platform boots for a brilliant version of ‘Dancing Queen’. Not to be outdone by the girls, Sam, Bill and Harry enter in equally brightly coloured gear and burst into the final song of the show. Another fabulous version of ‘Waterloo’ this time with the whole cast. I have to say I totally enjoyed every last minute of the show, with every scene just perfect.

And finally onto today’s performances, we have Jennifer Harding playing Tanya and Linda Holmgren playing Rosie. Boy were they good in the role. This is the first time I’d seen any of the ensemble playing these roles, and they were excellent, never letting the production down in any way. As I’ve said before, and always will, the ensemble are worth their weight in gold. I always try to mention them in some of my writings, as without them the show would not be a show. Brilliant just brilliant. And as for the show itself, again just amazing, I can’t get enough of this wonderful musical. As I’ve been saying for the last month, definitely one of the very best shows I’ve ever seen.

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