Mamma  Mia (11th performance).

So it’s Thursday 3rd November 2016, and I’ve made it back to the Centre for tonight’s performance of Mamma Mia. Didn’t have to rush tonight really took my time. Only sad part was that I missed act 2 of Billy Elliot in Bristol, but at my age, running for trains is not advised, I’m still limping a week later. Plenty of time to see more of Billy after Mamma Mia has finished it’s run here in Cardiff.

So to tonight’s show, I’ve really fallen in love with this musical, I can’t stop singing Abba songs, or playing the excellent stage cast cd. I must also mention the fact that this is the best sounding production of Mamma Mia I’ve heard. The whole cast are amazing. Singing is superb, the dance routines are sharp, crisp and full of life on every viewing.

Every visit I’ve been saying just how good this show is, and tonight’s was no exception. Sara (Donna) and Lucy (Sophie) have been out of this world, with superb voices ringing out into the auditorium. Every voice that utters any sound at all is just brilliant, from all the males and females of the whole cast, as I keep saying every show. In fact when you think a show couldn’t get any better, the next one does get better. I can’t say a single bad word about this totally incredible musical. Really can’t wait to see it again over the weekend. It’s that good.

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