Billy Elliot (15th performance).

Thursday 3rd November 2016, Back in Bristol at the Hippodrome for my 15th performance of Billy Elliot. For today’s matinee we have Billy played by Matthew Lyons, Michael by Henry Farmer, Debbie played by Evie Martin, and the role of the Small Boy is Nicola Turner.

Brilliant first act performance by all the cast. Matthew Lyons was just phenomenal (just as Lewis was last Thursday). The standard of the dancing was just superb again. As I said last week these young lads are just so good, and get better with every performance.  As I’ve seen so many shows now with all the Billy’s, I’m watching them grow in stature on stage, their timing and acting improving on every show. It’s great to see brilliant young talent being nurtured by this Fantastic team, who run this musical.

Watching the whole cast in action is just brilliant, it’s like watching a recording of the show everytime you see it, only you know it’s totally live. Awesome talent on show from a thouroughly brilliant adaptation of a musical.

My only problem today was I only got to see the first act. After running for the train last week, and nearly killing myself in the process, I left early so as to get back to Cardiff to see Mamma Mia, as it ends it’s run at the Centre next weekend. I’ve rebooked more Billy Elliot performances for later in the month, so still a load more chances to see it in full on those dates.

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