Mandela Trilogy.

Back yet again to the Millenium Centre here in Cardiff Bay. It’s Saturday 27th August 2016 and I’m here for a single viewing of the Mandela Trilogy. Staged by the Cape Town Opera and the Wales Millenium Centre. As it is only here for 4 days this is the one and only chance I have to view this production, which is a real shame, I like to see shows a few times just to get the feel of them.

Of course we now have Opera season when the company of the Welsh National Opera take over the Centre for a month, with some really good looking shows to see, and some amazing singing, no doubt, also another chance to listen to that fabulous orchestra live in Cardiff.

And so onto tonight’s performance. The story of Nelson Mandela told in Three acts, from his youth in the late 30’s / early 40,s covering act one. In act two we move to 1955 where Mandela becomes heavily involved with the protests and speeches concerning the draconian laws of the ruling government. Finally to act three, set between 1960 and 1994 during his incarceration in prison, and subsequent release. 

Act one started with some Authentic African tribal dancing and singing as Mandela is growing up and becoming part of the tribe. Some fabulous singing throughout and a great start to the show. We also had the young Mandela In Thato Machona, a great performance and traditional tribal dancing really made the act come alive.

The second act Jazz 50’s style with the middle Mandela, played by Peace R. Nzirawa, who was amazing and a fantastic voice to go with it. Such a different feel  to the show and really made a difference. With some great dancing to move the act on, but also some brilliant singing from the whole cast. 

Act three, back to traditional opera with the older Mandela, played by Mandla Mndebele. Who also narrates a lot of the show. Again the singing in this section was just sublime from all the cast. The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra were also superb, playing this wonderful music to perfection. 

The whole cast and orchestra were immense throughout and I have to say I really enjoyed this Opera. My only regret is that I only saw it once, I could have watched this over and over again. It was just brilliant. Looking forward to seeing the Cape Town Opera back for another new show next year. And I also must say a big mention to the fantastic production team at the Millenium Centre for putting on this amazing show, and offering me something new to be amazed at, again.

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