Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (10th performance).

Sunday 21st August 2016 at the Centre for the final performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, on its Cardiff leg of this tour. As you can see from the title I have now seen this exquisite musical a massive ten times, and I would have seen it more, if I could, because it really cheered me up after a hard week in work. Actually couldn’t count the hours to my next show quickly enough.

I think watching a show is even better when everything around you is just perfect. That’s when the Millenium Centre and Cardiff Bay come into their own. I love this area, I spend hours here on show days, taking photos, (which is my other passion in life), and just wandering around, taking In the spectacular views. The staff at the Millenium are just so good, I have a lot of friends there now, and they all make me feel so welcome, every time I walk into the building. I suppose that helps to make every visit so gratifying.

Which brings us nicely into today’s last performance in Cardiff, before moving on.  Yet another fabulous show from all the cast, as usual, I can’t fault anything in this show. The family scenes with the Potts And Truly are just lovely to watch. Great comedy from the Vugarian spies Boris and Goran (Sam Harrison and Scott Paige). 

I have to mention Claire Sweeney, as this is really her first few weeks with the show, watching her progress in the role of the Baroness has been amazing. It now looks like she’s been with them for ages, and how brilliant she actually is. Having met her a few times, she is also a lovely person to talk to and wish her luck with the rest of the tour. She also seems to work well with Shaun Williamson (as the Baron, also his last show today with Chitty and a fitting ovation at the end of the show) whose scenes are also very funny. 

I’m really going to miss this show, as I keep saying all the time. Especially the amazing voice of Carrie, so good it still gets me every time, to Lee’s fabulous version of Hushabye Mountain and the genuine feel good atmosphere the show generates at every performance. I think I cried throughout the whole performance, just fantastic to see the last show at the Centre. Brilliant just brilliant.

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