No show Saturday 

Well it’s Saturday 23rd July 2016, with no show to see today. So I thought a little preview of what’s to come for me, in the next few months. ‘Chicago’is up first at the Millenium Centre, Cardiff next week, followed closely by multiple viewings of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’with the amazing Carrie Hope Fletcher at the same venue. After that we have ‘Mandela Trilogy’ with the Cape Town Opera company. A busy August for me then.

September is a quieter period for shows with the Welsh National Opera in residence at the centre. This season we have ‘Macbeth’, ‘Merchant of Venice’ and the brilliant ‘Kiss me Kate’. Looking forward to watching these Operas. Before that, at the beginning of September at the New Theatre, Cardiff is ‘No Man’s land’.A play starring Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart. Can you believe that, two of the greatest stage actors ever. In Cardiff. Wow, that is going to be a fantastic evening.

October and November, and another busy few months with ‘Mamma Mia’at the Centre (multiple showings of that as well). And in the process of booking tickets for ‘Billy Elliot’at the Bristol Hippodrome, really got to see that show again, so hopefully will be booking a few more tickets in the next few weeks (already got two dates in the book).

So onto December and ‘Mary Poppins’at the Centre (multiple shows again would you believe). Also looking to book tickets for one of my favourite bands ‘The Shires’ at St David’s Hall in Cardiff, in November. Lots of shows coming up, really looking forward to all of them. And next year another bumper crop of superb theatrical productions coming to Cardiff. Can’t wait for these as well. 

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