Billy Elliot (12th and 13th performance)

Saturday 16th July 2016 at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff for the last two performances of Billy Elliot the musical. A very emotional day for me as I’ve fallen in love with this superb show, I can’t believe it’s moving on to another venue, really going to miss this, thank heavens for the dvd of the live London show.

For the matinee performance we have Billy (Lewis Smallman), Michael (Elliot Stiff), Debbie (Lilly Cadwallender) and the role of the Small Boy (Isobelle Chalmers). Yet another fabulous performance from everyone in the cast this afternoon. Lewis was just immense today,as usual. A real privelage to watch such a young man perform to perfection, so so good, just magnificent.

The evening performance has Billy (Matthew Lyons), Michael (Henry Farmer), Debbie (Italia Ross) and Small Boy (Isobelle  Chalmers). Another fabulous show tonight. Brilliant performances from all of the cast. Matthew is just superb in the role as Billy (just as Lewis this afternoon),with Adam and Haydn thrown on as well, all of the Billy’s are just so good it’s hard to differentiate,as I’ve said since the run at the centre began.

As this is last few shows in Cardiff, I have to congratulate the whole cast and team at Billy Elliot for making this show one of the best I have ever seen. I have seen all four Billy’s, all four Michael’s, the three Debbie’s and the three Small boy roles. Every single one of these performers has been absolutely brilliant and it is this fact that has brought me back time after time to watch this show. I could have seen every show and never get fed up of watching it. Superb entertainment throughout.

I have to mention the amazing adult cast, which were all simply fabulous. Annette McLaughlin as Mrs Wilkinson has been just magnificent, what a performance, which never faltered throughout the whole time I saw her on this amazing stage. Martin Walsh, Scott Garnham, Nikki Gerrard,(Charlie Martin as her understudy) and Andrea Miller as Billy’s family were again outstanding throughout, and who could forget Daniel Page as mr Braithwaite and Luke Cinque-White as Billy’s older self. Wow, just amazing. Of course the entire ensemble were just superb (as I talked about yesterday), they contributed so much to making this a really spectacular musical experience.

Some of my favourite scenes (outside of Billy’s amazing dances) came from the the Small Boy role, played so brilliantly by three young girls (Isobelle Chalmers, Bonnie Burgess and Nichola Turner). They added so much fun and hilarity to the proceedings and deserve a special mention for just being fantastic.

Billy Elliot the musical has been absolutely amazing throughout, I cannot fault any of it. I would put it with Wicked, Phantom, Les Mis and Only the Brave as one of my favourite, favourite shows of all time (yes I meant to put favourite twice). I just hope it comes back to Cardiff on a uk tour very soon. 

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