Billy Elliott (3rd and 4th performance)

Saturday 25th June 2016. Back in Cardiff Bay at the Millenium Centre for two performances of Billy Elliott today. I am so looking forward to watching this fabulous musical again, makes the working week go very quickly,when you can look forward to a great weekend at your local theatre.

For the matinee show we have Haydn May as Billy. Henry Farmer as Michael and Lilly Cadwallender as Debbie. For myself I’ve now seen three Billy’s, three Michael’s and two Debbie’s. Hopefully will be able to watch all of the young actors playing these roles before the run is over. 

What a brilliant first act again. Concentrating mostly on the choreography today, some superb dancing throughout. A magnificent section with grandma and the male dancers. Moving through to solidarity with combined dancing from the whole cast as police, miners and the dance school, truly mesmerising, and my favourite piece when the whole class stop and admire Billy as they realise just how good he can be. Wow really hit home at that point, and I have to say I had tears rolling down my cheek again.

The second act was totally amazing, yet again. Two great pieces of dancing action fill this amazing show,with the ballet scene with Billy and his older self and Electricity, when Billy dances in front of the panel at the Royal ballet and more importantly in front of his dad. Oh my god,this again brought tears to my eyes,for just brilliant dancing by one so young.

A short break now, then back for the evening performance. With Lewis Smallman playing Billy, Bradley mayfield as Michael and Italia Ross as Debbie.This takes me up to 4 Michael’s along with 3 Billy’s and Debbie’s, nearly a full house of these wonderful child actors.The different actors I have seen playing the main child roles have been brilliant and is so hard to tell them apart dance wise. All of them are just so good. I would also like to mention the role of the little boy, played so sweetly today by Nicola Turner (and all the other fabulous actresses who play this role) they are all fabulous.

After act one again so fabulously brilliant, the whole show cannot be faulted,as I said in last weeks blog. Even with the cast changes you still can’t tell the difference between any of them. Amazing.                    

Also the second act was also fabulously brilliant and just gets better every time I see it. I don’t want it to end,to see it whenever humanly possible. This is a ‘must see’ musical, and definitely needs to be put in the diary as such. Go and see it, you won’t be disappointed. Fantastic just fantastic. 

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