Billy Elliott – the musical

Saturday 18th June 2016. Back in Cardiff at the superb Millenium Centre for two instalments of Billy Elliott today. Really looking forward to this show, first chance to see the live performance of the musicals month long run in Cardiff.

Let us begin with the matinee.The whole show was just fabulous with some stand out performances from all the cast, I don’t think I could find a fault in anything during the show.

May I start with Lewis Smallman as Billy. Wow what a superb display of excellence,amazing for such a young man, a really believable character and performed to perfection. Michael played by Samuel Torpay,another massive performance from such a young man and oh so funny, made me laugh just watching him. And Debbie played by Evie Martin really adding some gloss to the kids roles. Of course the dancing was brilliant and choreographed so so well. 

With so many delightful scenes it’s difficult to choose one in particular,everyone of them was just sublime to watch, and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed and cried at the same time for a particular scene for quite a while. 

The adult casting again was so strong with so many brilliant actors playing their part to perfection. Although I have to mention Annette McLaughlin for her role as Mrs Wilkinson. Wow,just like Lewis, she was outstanding,what a stunning performance, I really cannot wait so see her again in the role, superb.

The staging,lighting and all the behind the scenes activity seemed to be faultless and I have to commend all of the staff involved backstage for such a Herculean effort, to put this show on and make it look as good as it really is. And of course not forgetting the band working their magic in the pit, they too were amazing.

The evening had  a few cast changes, with    Adam Abbou playing Billy. Elliot Stiff as Micheal and Lilly Cadwallender as Debbie. During the first act about two thirds in we had the unlucky event that Adam had injured himself and could not continue, replaced by Lewis Smallman. If I’m honest i couldn’t tell them apart dance and speech wise, both of them were amazing.Also I have to say the other main kids roles were just as good as this afternoons show, great casting by the production team.
For me Billy Elliott is an amazing show and cannot wait to see it again and again. Brilliant just brilliant.

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