Rufus Wainwright 

Sunday 5th June 2016 back at the Millenium centre for Rufus Wainwright as part of the Festival of voice season in Cardiff. This is my first chance to see a music icon at the centre. I must admit to not having heard much of his music, but feel this is too good an opportunity not to pass up.

The evening started with a young artist named  and a guitarist. The music they produced was just incredible, I was very impressed with her vocal talent and stage presence,such an amazing voice and at one point left the stage and continued singing as she’s walking through the stalls,may I add without the use of a microphone,her voice carried throughout the auditorium. Totally amazing, which also shows how good the acoustics are at the centre. She played for 30 minutes or so and I was totally hooked on her performance. A really talented and  impressive set, got you in the mood for the rest of the evening. 

And so on to the main act with Rufus Wainwright and boy was I impressed and totally not what I was expecting. This guy was fabulous,a really talented singer/songwriter whose voice blew me away. I was enthralled for the whole performance and if I’m honest didn’t want it to end. I knew hardly any of the songs he sang but couldn’t care. The voice just took me and that was enough.

What was equally amazing, Rufus only had a piano and guitar on stage but managed to create something special which turned me into a fan almost immediately. Also as a songwriter he has written an opera and from what I’ve heard tonight some good songs to go with  it. The following he has also amazed,as the auditorium was packed to the roof,and what a reception he had from his devoted fans. 

This was another fantastic evening and one I will never forget. Definitely will be booking tickets for this performer when he returns to the centre.

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