Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci (2nd performance)

It’s Saturday 4th June 2016 with my second viewing of this wonderful double opera performed by the Welsh National Opera company at the equally wonderful Millennium centre here in Cardiff. As I take my seat for this performance it’s a chance to look around this huge auditorium And admire the spacious and luxurious qualities of this amazing theatre, which I have always said is one of the best in the world.

From the moment the orchestra began warming up you could feel the atmosphere building,a sell out crowd would be enthralled again by the amazing voices on show. 

As the opera begins (Cavalleria rusticana)the music just envelopes you,drawing you in to the scenes about to unfold. The set is magnificent and as the stage begins crowding with this large chorus the singing fills this huge auditorium with delightful tones leading up to the superb resurrection hymn. 

Again I have to say the main players were excellent with Camilla Roberts, Gwyn Hughes Jones and David Kempster giving their all. The chorus were just heavenly and what to say about the orchestra(conducted by the great Carlo Rizzi),simply amazing as they always are and probably always will be. The whole cast give their all to this mighty performance,and by the end of this particular piece,leaves you craving for the next instalment.

After the interval we have the magnificent Pagliacci, a fitting end to a truly magnificent evening. With the large chorus again filling this huge stage we are treated to an extravaganza of a performing troupe,complete with fire eaters,clowns and an old van masquerading as a stage,for the final and tragic scene. 

This performance was again faultless with Gwyn Hughes Jones, David Kempster and joined this time by Meeta Raval taking centre stage. Joined by Gyula Nagy and Tristan Llyr Griffiths along with a strong chorus and a group of talented children making up the rest of the cast, made this a night to remember, as it just got better every time.  

I went through a huge raft of emotions tonight and tears filled my eyes most of the time,mainly due to the incredible orchestra and two beautiful operas so well written,and so well performed by a magnificent company. Long may it continue. I myself want more,so I’m really looking forward to the next season of operas, can’t wait.

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