Wicked (37th and 38th all time performance).

Thursday 15th November 2018, back at the Millennium Centre here in Cardiff Bay for two more performances of ‘Wicked’. Today I’m continuing my appraisal of the songs in the show, with a selection of other numbers, beginning with ‘No one Mourns the Wicked’, the opening sequence with Glinda and members of the ensemble. A fabulous start to the show, a host of amazing voices and the operatic voice of Glinda herald the beginning of a stunning musical, this leads us into another ensemble piece with ‘Dear old Shiz’, where we meet Elphaba for the first time. The two opening songs really go together as one, with some excellent voices from all the on stage cast floating into this fabulous auditorium.

We move onto another brilliant song with ‘Dancing through life’ started off by Fiyaro and Glinda, before the ensemble muster to give us another superb song. So much goes on in this scene as well, with the interaction of nearly all the cast at different intervals. This piece is so full of life as it moves through the different characters we meet leading up to the party and the friendship of Glinda and Elphaba. I love this song, it’s great to listen to on CD but even better live on stage.

When we first meet the Wizard he has a little song to sing to Elphaba and Glinda as he greets them at his Palace, entitled ‘A Sentimental Man’. Another short but poignant piece of music, which illustrates another great voice among this special cast. I’ve covered pretty much all the songs in act one for now, more from act two on my next visit.

This afternoons matinee cast can be seen in the caption below.

For Tonight’s performance Charli Baptie returns as Glinda. Another fabulous day today as I get to watch two amazing Glinda’s in one day. Couldn’t have wished for a better day. So tonight’s cast list is the second caption of the day so far.

So once again two amazing shows today, I love wicked, especially when you have three exceptional actresses playing two strong roles. Amy and Helen were superb this afternoon, then Amy teams up with Charli in the evening to also be amazing.

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