Thursday 7th February 2018, and after my trip to Bristol for Wicked, it’s a quick train journey back to Cardiff for a performance of Flashdance at the New Theatre. Might as well make a proper day out of my leave and watch an extra show in the Evening.

I’ve never seen this show or even the film before, so this is going to be a new experience, although it’s worth the entrance money alone to see the totally fabulous Joanne Clifton in the lead role, who just happens to be excellent as Alex, her dancing is fabulous, and she has a beautiful singing voice, which I never realised she had, really impressed with her all round talent, and from what I’ve seen so far, she could be in even more dance themed musicals for a few years to come.

Another good partnership begins with Joanne and Ben Adams as Nick Hurley, as with Wicked’s leads these guys work well together, with some lovely duets during the performance. Very impressed with Joanne and Ben, can’t fault anything they set out to achieve with this show, simply brilliant.

This is a really good musical with some impressive performances from all the cast, singing and dancing wise. It’s a feel good show, with lots of eighties music, superb dancing throughout and a good storyline.

I’ve seen two fabulous shows today, really glad I’ve had the opportunity to watch both in the same day, with another new show (Flashdance) to add to my growing list of shows I’ve seen.

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