Afternoon Concert with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

Friday 3rd November 2017, a day off from work and a chance to watch a full days entertainment at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay. First off, an afternoon concert at Hoddinott Hall (based in the Centre), with The BBC National Orchestra of Wales, today conducted by Otto Tausk. Along with the Welsh National Opera Orchestra, the Centre boasts two equally fabulous orchestras in its surroundings, not many theatres can say that against their name.

The first half was simply gorgeous. A beautiful piece by Bedrich Smetana began proceedings, followed by Antonin Dvorak with Song to the moon from the opera Rusalka, with Egyptian Soprano Fatma Said. Ending with four pieces by Richard Strauss.  An absolutely stunning voice, combined with the sheer perfection of the BBC NOW, really added to the beauty of this performance. 

For the second half we had another superb Soprano in Llio Evans, who this time became part of the orchestra, with her performance in Janacek’s The Danube. Before finishing the afternoon with Hungaria from Franz Liszt, and what a fabulous performance that was to end the concert. I even got to see a leader Solo, which I’ve never seen before. In all a really fabulous afternoon of music, stunningly played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. 

One more thing about Hoddinott Hall that really impressed me is the sound quality in the Auditorium. Being a recording venue as well, you can almost hear every instrument being played, and even better can see and locate every player in the orchestra, such a wonderful venue, inside the Millenium Centre building. Really is why this is the best theatre in the world. 

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