Blood Brothers.

Saturday 30th September 2017, and a really busy day for me show wise. First off it’s a visit to the New Theatre in Cardiff City Centre, for the matinee of the brilliant musical ‘Blood Brothers’, an absolutely superb show, it’s got everything, comedy, drama, and lots of mascara moments in this epic production, with an amazing score, sung with heart and sole, to an always appreciative audience. Having seen this before on its last tour, I knew what to expect, but I’ll still probably be in tears myself for most of the show.

A strong cast head up this amazing musical with Lyn Paul as mrs Johnston and Dean Chisnall (Shrek on its last U.K. tour) as the Narrator, Sean Jones and Mark Hutchinson play Mickey and Eddie respectively. For today’s show Eddie is played by Andy Owens, who just happens to play the role brilliantly. Also I have to say that Sean is incredible as mickey, the acting in the second act is just phenomenal, so lifelike. 

A few other names are familiar from previous tours, but everyone just fits in perfectly with this exceptional musical. With it’s comical kids first act, to its more serious adult second act, the show is just spectacular.

With a live band playing the music in the pit, everything just flows into each song, once again brilliantly sung by the cast. Lyn Paul has a stunning voice with added oomph from Dean Chisnall and Sean Jones (who is really magnificent as Mickey). I have to admit that as I predicted, I’m in tears for most of this show, it’s so brilliant yet emotional all at the same time. And that ending, so powerful and so emotional. A classic musical, which you could never get tired of watching. Looking forward already to it’s next tour.

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