Hairspray (2nd and 3rd performances).

Wednesday 23rd August 2017, and another bonus today, as I get to see Hairspray twice at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay, before I go back to work tomorrow. This has to be the best break I’ve had, with a superb wedding and a few shows to finish off, couldn’t be any better. 

After my first show last night I couldn’t get over just how good the singing was. But where to start, I think that belongs to Rebecca Mendoza as Tracy, a beautiful voice and perfect for the role. Brenda Edwards (Motormouth Maybelle) has such an amazingly powerful voice, which is just right for this huge auditorium. Gina Murray plays Velma, another with a tremendous voice. I’ve also heard Amana Jones (Little Inez), again so good, and she’s the understudy. All the female cast vocals are really impressive, I’m always hearing such high vocal standards, from everyone.

The same can be said for the Boys, with Layton Williams (Seaweed), Edward Chitticks (Link), Jon Tsouras (Corny Collins), to name but a few,  although all of the male cast are just as good to go with it. I have to say I love the work of Tracy Penn (Female authority figure), so impressed with everything she does for the show. 

Matt Rixon as Edna and Norman Pace as Wilbur are brilliant, really getting to grips with their characters, and providing plenty of humour on the way through this hugely impressive production, which seems to get better and better on every showing. Hopefully be able to catch a few more shows before it ends in Cardiff, bound for a new destination on its uk tour.

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