Amy and Gareth Wedding Day.

Saturday 19th August 2017. Today I’m in Belfast for the wedding of my son Gareth to Amy Crawford. I am so proud of the both of them, and so looking forward to the day ahead. Early morning preparations are now underway, it’s 9am and going smoothly so far. Suits on at 11, then I’m taking some photographs of us all in our finery, before we head down to the venue, at Belfast City Hall.

Beautiful wedding, Amy looked amazing, Gareth, smartest I’ve seen in ages. Everyone on show really looked the part. Photographs were excellent, taken by Emma (Amy’s cousin). With all the family chipping in with vital sections of a successful wedding reception, and I must say it was a fantastic reception. A really brilliant day and I feel so privileged to be a part of it. My boys did me proud today, speeches went really well and the day just sped along, totally enjoying myself.

Now onto the food at the Chelsea wine bar in Belfast city centre, wow, absolutely stunning 3 courses of our heaven. Then onto the evening session of dancing and music and just having a few beers, chilling with people I know and friends and family. Perfect Saturday night entertainment. 

Oh my god I’ve had loads to drink tonight, I’ve even had about 6 pints and danced for three hours, and I can’t even dance. Best night I’ve had in years.

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