Madam Butterfly (3rd performance).

Friday 17th February 2017, another day off work for a visit to Cardiff Bay, and the Millenium Centre for my 3rd performance of the WNO production of Madam Butterfly.  A really beautiful opera, that’s packed with amazing voices and a wonderful score, (played to perfection by the brilliant WNO Orchestra).

For tonight’s performance we have the role of Cio-Cio-San (Madam Butterfly) played by Linda Richardson. With Paul Charles Clarke playing Lieutenant Pinkerton.  A chance to hear some new voices playing the lead roles in this classic opera. May I be the first to say wow, really impressed with the two performers, Paul taking total command of the role, and Linda has such a fabulous voice, it’s just breathtaking to listen to. I’ve never heard Linda sing before (having missed her in previous roles), but can’t wait to hear her again in future roles with the WNO. 

I love act two when we get to hear Cio-Cio-San (Linda) sing with her maid Suzuki (played by the amazing Rebecca Afanwy-Jones). Together the harmonies are perfect (as I’ve been saying all through each of the shows I’ve seen).

As usual I have to commend the whole cast and orchestra for just being superb. Its brilliant to come here week after week and get blown away by every performance, of every show, I see. And of course tonight’s was no exception.  Magnificent from everyone, feel the need to see more again and again. 

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