Mary Poppins (13th performance).

Sunday January 1st 2017, and my first show of the new year. I’m back at the Millenium Centre for my 13th performance of the utterly brilliant Mary Poppins.

For today’s show we have Maia West as Jane Banks with Cameron Lant as Michael Banks.

Continuing today with a look at the set and lighting for act two, which starts in the very impressively designed Banks house as we meet Miss Andrew. As the children run away we move into an empty park scene for ‘lets go fly a kite’. The set is quite bare, but with a few kites flying around the scene, it doesn’t really matter, as centre stage is taken up with the arrival of Mary, with a very effective light show heralding the above. Really is a beautiful scene, and probably one of the best scenes in the show, mainly due to the fantastic singing centred around this part of the set design. 

Back at the house for the removal of Miss Andrew, with yet another bit of on stage trickery, and more effective lighting, to increase the atmosphere in the theatre. Yet another magical scene combined with first class singing. 

Moving on to another of my favourite scenes, with ‘Step in time’. As the children, Mary and Burt ascend onto the rooftops, which start appearing all over the stage, full of the ensemble dressed  as sweeps. The use of the chimneys moving on and off stage create a fabulous image of the cast travelling over the roofs of London. As the scene moves on we see a nice routine from Burt, using all of the set (quite literally), until the scene changes to the Banks household where the sweeps invade with a continuation of their dance routine. 

As the show moves towards the final, we have another fabulous set and lighting design, with ‘Anything can happen’. A really beautiful set for this scene, with the back screen set as hundreds of twinkling stars. A haze of blue light floods the stage, before the ensemble enter with long poles of light to add to the effect. A huge umbrella full of light descends on stage, as a fabulous dance routine ensues with all the cast. An absolutely amazing set for this piece of the action. Well worth watching for the end section alone. 

As the show enters its finale, the stars reappear, with a magnificent light show cascading through the whole auditorium. With an end to match any film you could think of. Just breathtaking to the watch.  I must say a huge amount of credit to the design team, to have put on a truly amazing production. 

Today’s show was once more absolutely brilliant, another massive treat for the Christmas period, before going back to work. Every person in this show is just phenomenal, well worth coming back again and again. 

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