Mary Poppins (10th and 11th performances).

Friday 30th December 2016, once more at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay, for two more performances of Mary Poppins. It seems like only yesterday I was in the Centre watching this fabulous musical. Just can’t seem to stop watching it this week. Being off work helps.

Another milestone happens at this evenings show, as it will be my 250th performance of a show in the Millenium Centre. 

For today’s matinee we have Lottie Sicilia playing Jane Banks and Regan Garcia as Michael Banks. Another change sees Sophie Caton taking on the role of the Bird Woman. The evening performance has Maia West as Jane Banks and Cameron Lant as Michael Banks. Sophie Caton continues as the Bird Woman. 

Today I’m continuing my conversation on the choreography for the show, carrying on with act two. It’s not until the ‘lets go fly a kite’ scene that we see some choreographed dance sequences, a few ballet moves, so sweetly done as some of the ensemble create delicate postures as the kites fly on stage.  Very relaxing to watch after the hectic start to the act.

As the musical moves on and Mary (Zizi Strallen) meets Miss Andrew, she seems to glide around the stage, hexing Miss Andrew, forcing her to leave very unceremoniously. The movement of Zizi, as from my last blog, seemed to be more dance related than just walking around the stage, which I think is just fabulous, and so pleasing to view.

One of my favourite scenes, has to be ‘Step in time’, an amazing tap routine with most of the ensemble dressed as chimney sweeps, along with Mary, Bert and the children. Breathtakingly stunning to watch and also a great score to keep it moving along. Bert (Matt Lee) takes centre stage with a neat little dance and tap routine, before taking to the whole stage frame for another tap sequence, how he can tap and sing upside down is beyond me, but it is just brilliant to watch. Mary and the children play their part to perfection, with a few tap routines themselves, thrown in for good measure.

One more amazing choreographed dance before the finale, with ‘Anything can happen’. The stage is filled with magical coloured stars, which look stunningly beautiful. The whole cast descend on stage, with members of the ensemble carrying long poles with star light at the end, making everything seem heavenly. This scene is again perfect and really does take your breath away, with some fabulous rhythmic dance steps intermingled with the wow factor. Another one of my favourite scenes.

The finale to the show is a re run of ‘Supercalifragilistic’, this time performed by the whole cast. Which I have to say is choreographed superbly. Every member of the cast is totally in step with each other throughout, even when the song speeds up at the end. As you watch around the whole stage, it’s mesmerising to see just how precise everyone is, which is a credit to the company and choreographers for this show.

I have been so impressed with the standard of dance throughout the performances I’ve seen. Whoever plays any part on stage is just magnificent. Another brilliant achievement for such a wonderful show.

Today’s matinee performance was once again brilliant, a masterpiece, even with the unforeseen ending, it didn’t detract from the main show. As Mary herself says, ‘Anything Can Happen’.  The evening performance was also perfect, a real joy to watch. Can’t wait to see it again. 

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