Mamma Mia (14th performance).

Sunday 6th November 2016, and another visit to the Centre, here in Cardiff for my 14th performance of the brilliant Mamma Mia. Today is a special day for me as it’s my 100th performance of a show so far this year, and I’ve still got a few more weeks to improve that milestone.

Onto the show, I’m going to continue my appreciation of my favourite scenes of Mamma Mia. Moving on to another comical part of the proceedings with Sky and Sophie. Sky delivers a great rendition of ‘lay all you love on me’, before the rest of the male ensemble hijack the groom for his stag do, with a continuation of the song, dressed in wetsuits, flippers and snorkel. A really comical scene, with some good dance moves from the cast, and excellent singing to go with it.

As the boys move off stage, the girls take their turn, with a star turn from Donna,Rosie and Tanya, as they do a superb number to ‘Super Trooper’ dressed in silver platform boots and white/silver Lycra outfits, reminiscent of 70’s glam rock. Beautifully sung with the help of the female ensemble, who seem to be having so much fun on stage. An absolute fabulous scene.

The final scene of the first act revolves around Sophie, Sam, Bill and Harry. As they enter the girls do, Sophie asks them to stay, with the ensemble entertaining the men with another fabulous rendition of ‘Gimme,gimme,gimme’, some really crisp dance moves and great vocal range. During this section Sophie, approaches Sam then Harry to find out who could be her dad, until she meets Bill, who realises he may be her dad. The music changes and Sophie sings the beautiful ‘Name of the game’ to Bill. Who later joins in when he says he maybe her dad. As the rest of the ensemble join the festivities, the first act ends with Sam and Harry realising they could be her dad as well, leaving Sophie with a huge quandary of what to do next. The scene ends with a bewildered Sophie in the middle of the whole cast, as they finish with ‘Voulez vous’. Another brilliant,sharp and crisp dance routine, with fabulous vocal talents from all he cast. A superb end to a magnificent first act, that really gets you in the mood for act two. I’m going to leave it there for today and continue my appraisal on my next blog.

So onto today’s show and I didn’t think it could get any better, boy was I mistaken, yet another fabulously brilliant performance by all the cast. Just awesome yet again. This musical and this cast amaze me every time, it just gets better and better. Can’t wait to see this show again, before it leaves Cardiff next weekend.

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