Macbeth (2nd performance).

Saturday 17th September 2016 back at the Millenium Centre in the beautiful,sunny Cardiff bay, for another performance of the Welsh National Opera’s production of Macbeth. Arrived here so early today, taking the opportunity to take a few photo’s around the area and just to chill and relax for a few hours in the fantastic surroundings that is Cardiff Bay.

Really looking forward to tonight’s show and another opportunity to listen to the amazing voice of Mary Elizabeth Williams as Lady Macbeth, along with the rest of the cast and chorus, this makes a very impressive evenings entertainment.  

The sets used by the WNO have been very creative, with tonight’s being no exception. A sloping floor allows hidden characters to appear on stage when needed, with room to hold a large chorus and cast in its surroundings on this huge stage at the Centre. As there are quite a few scene changes throughout, the set layout helps it’s swift changes between scenes, and looks good to go with it.

Yet again another fabulous performance from the whole company. Luis Cansino (Macbeth), and Miklos Sebestyen (Banquo), are just superb,and then we have Lady Macbeth (Mary Elizabeth Williams), who just takes the singing to another level. Truly magnificent and a real joy to listen to. The chorus and orchestra are again brilliant (as usual. I always mention this after every performance, but it’s so true, you have to be there to experience the brilliance of it all). 

Both acts are amazing, and still two shows aren’t enough for me, I have to see this opera yet one more time, while its still in Cardiff. The last one for me is next Saturday, I would urge anyone reading this blog to see this opera, just to hear the fabulous voices on show,and the sheer power of Mary Elizabeth Williams, I can guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

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