Billy Elliot (9th performance).

Thursday 14th July 2016, and I’m back again at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff for my 9th performance of Billy Elliot the Musical. I just can’t keep away from this superb show and there’s still two more days to go before it ends its run in Cardiff.

For tonight’s performance we have Billy (Matthew Lyons), Michael (Henry Farmer), Debbie (Italia Ross) and the Small boy (Isobelle Chalmers). Another fabulous performance by all as usual, it’s so good to see so many different young actors playing these roles to perfection. Brilliant,as I’ve been saying since the first show here in Cardiff.

I feel I have to mention the production team at Billy Elliot the uk tour. Every performance I have seen has been amazing, with everything in place at the right time to enable all of the cast to do what they do best. The set just magically seems to roll along from one scene to the next with hardly any effort noticed by the visiting public. Although I expect that’s not the same backstage, credit given to the guys who keep everything going, making the show so incredible to watch.

The sound for this show is stunning, from  the quality of the band playing their hearts out in the pit,to the special effects sounds ringing through the auditorium, I have to mention Angry dance at the end of act one, a powerful and loud scene fit for a close of any act of any show. Also at the end of the second act with Once we were kings, the sound of the pit lift doors closing,running down the pitshaft to a grinding halt at the bottom,really made an impact, you actually thought you were in that lift, the sound resonating throughout the whole building. So realistic and more credit to the sound engineers who put this aspect together.

The lighting for the show was also really good and highlighted the areas of most importance throughout, although I would say that sitting in different areas of the theatre gave a different light sensation to the viewer. The stalls seemed darker in certain scenes than the upper circle, for instance. And I think that is the beauty of seeing it so many times from different vantage points, you get the feel for this and it makes the viewing much more enhanced. A lot of this is also down to the fabulous Millenium Centre and the way it is designed, everything changes with each show depending on where you sit, and that is another reason why I see shows so many times.

In all a superb achievement from all the production team for making this one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to coming back tomorrow for more of same.

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