The Last Mermaid (3rd performance)

Sunday 12th June 2016 this is my 3rd performance of this fabulous show in the Weston studio at the Millenium Centre here in Cardiff. This is the last chance to    see this production before its run comes to an end. 

I was so impressed with the whole show, an impressive cast, beautiful music, outstanding vocals from everyone stepping foot on that stage, and of course the absolutely fabulous lead in Charlotte Church, such a fantastic vocal talent. 

Today was just so beautiful, I cried again throughout the performance, and as it was the last show it really hit home just how good this was. The music just kept coming at you,drawing you into the story and some wonderful songs like Tell it to the waves (one of my favourite songs). In fact all the songs were just perfect I couldn’t fault any of them, and once I started crying, couldn’t stop. So beautiful. (I know I’ve used that word a lot but that’s just how I feel. When something is that good,and affects you in that way,there is no other way to describe it).

I also have to praise the production team for such a magnificent spectacle, with amazing lighting and colours flooding the stage, especially as the mermaid becomes human and  the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A good point there for everyone to follow, sometimes you have to calm down, slow down and take things easy for a while, I think most people could take heed of that daily.

Another section that impressed was the ending. Where, after humans killing her whale she wants revenge and is ready to unleash her wrath on the world,when she is distracted by the singing of a young girl she had met earlier. As her temper cools and she embraces the child she tells everyone to live together and saves the world.WOW again such a beautiful ending  and more tears. Even writing this I can feel myself welling up. WOW (again).

Finally to the production team at the Millenium centre for putting on another fabulous show, two now in the space of a few months with the equally fabulous Only the Brave to add to this. Long may this continue, can’t wait to see what comes next. 

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