The Last Mermaid 

Saturday 11th June 2016, at Wales Millenium centre in Cardiff for an early performance of the Last Mermaid. 

Oh my god this was an absolutely brilliant show. So good I’ve just booked to see it again tonight and tomorrow.

The story of a young mermaid,the last of her kind. Everything is new and wonderful to her. She befriends a whale, also the last of its kind, and is given the chance to become human and walk on land, after saving a man who was lost at sea during a storm. The land is full of humans rushing around and never slowing down, and as she tries to calm everything down her life changes and longs to be back in the ocean. 

As soon as the music begins we are treated to some magical scenes of underwater life, projected onto transparent plastic screens, which make it all the more realistic. The singing is so good by all the cast in the lead up to the birth of the mermaid. And then we have the brilliant Charlotte Church as the the last mermaid, I have to say her voice is just stunning and a few occasions I was brought to tears by how beautiful she sang. In fact I struggled to keep a dry eye for the whole show.

The dancing throughout was a joy to watch and so well choreographed, Clemmie Sveass as the heart of the mermaid was exceptional, along with the other members of the ensemble, who strived to make this a fantastic showpiece, which I have to say totally succeeded in its mission.

Watching this performance was a real treat, the costumes were fantastic,the set and staging were brilliant and the lighting really stood out on this small stage in the Weston theatre at the centre. Again I have to praise the music and the singing throughout. Magnificent. The music written by Charlotte Church and Sion Trefor with story and lyrics by Charlotte and Jonathan Powell. Double magnificent (if that’s even a phrase).

I was so engrossed in the show I didn’t want it to end,it was so beautiful throughout I could have sat and watched for hours on end. I can’t wait to see it again tonight.

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