Les Miserable – The Movie

I finally got around to watching the movie version of Les Miserable,a few weeks ago and boy was I disappointed. Having seen the stage version of this magnificent show a few years earlier,I thought ‘give it a go I may like it’. Sadly that was not to be.
I was actually appalled at the miscasting of most of the main characters in the first half hour of the film. Russel Crowe was awful and I’ve heard a lot better from Hugh Jackman. Although Anne Hathaway was good as Fantine, if a little too quiet singing I dreamed a dream.

Moving on, I was actually going to switch off at that point but went a bit further, but not that much. The only bright light was the voice of little Cosette,who,for me made that first part watchable. She was amazing. It was shortly after that that I did switch off after hearing Sacha Baron Cohen,I couldn’t go on. And that was the end of my viewing of Les mis.

I tried to listen to the cd but gave up on that also. For me I hated it, even though I love the voice of Samantha Barks playing Eponine. It just wasn’t for me.

I started going to watch theatrical shows, about three and a half years ago,this is the only time I have actually hated anything based on the theatre. I have seen over 100 shows in that time, many of them more than once and have reached 230 performances of those shows, and to tell the truth I have loved everything I have seen. Except this.

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