In parenthesis 

WNO world premiere of in parenthesis,composed wonderfully by Iain Bell with David Antrobus and Emma Jenkins providing a perfect libretto for this opera. Based during World War One and leading up to the assault at Mametz wood.

Charting the journey of private John Ball and company,played superbly by Andrew Bidlack into war. Peter Colman Wright and Alexandra Deshorties take centre stage as the bards of Brittainia and Germania taking you through the scenes as they play out. The supporting cast also deserve a mention as every voice soars out over this amazing auditorium.

As usual the WNO orchestra and chorus were brilliant as they always are at every performance they give.

The set was imaginative and well put together playing its role as needed. This new opera sends you through different emotions on its way to a memorable ending in the woods at Mametz. It’s new it’s different and well worth another viewing. I would recommend this to all opera lovers.

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