Madam Butterfly (2nd performance).

Day 3 of my weekend opera extravaganza, its Sunday 12th February 2017 and I’m back at the Millenium Centre here in Cardiff Bay for my second instalment of Madam Butterfly, performed by the WNO company. 

A weekend of sheer bliss listening to some fabulous voices resonating out into this amazing auditorium. Together with the brilliant WNO Orchestra, playing to perfection on every visit, just magnificent, really bringing so much joy to the end of each working week.

So to today’s performance and a second chance in a few days to listen to the beautiful voices of Karah Son (Madam Butterfly) and Rebecca Afonwy-jones (Suzuki). Hearing them together in act two, as they wait for Pinkerton’s ship, each complementing the other with such stunning vocals, is just phenomenal. With ‘One Fine Day’ a stand out aria for Karah, and of course the humming chorus for the brilliant orchestra.  Another brilliant array of singing is the end of act one, with a beautiful piece of music as Pinkerton (Jonathan Burton) and Butterfly sing their hearts out at their wedding evening, as they are left alone after the guests leave. 

In all another fabulous opera, so good, beautifully done from all, with a real privilege to see such great opera so close to home, who are just magnificent on every occasion I get to watch. Need to see more, and knowing me, I definitely will. 

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