Mamma Mia (12th and 13th performances).

Saturday 5th November 2016, in Cardiff at the Millenium Centre for another two performances of the totally fabulous Mamma Mia. I can’t believe Just how much I’ve fallen for this show, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms already, and my last show was only on Thursday evening. What a difference now,to my younger days, when I didn’t really like the music of Abba. This musical has changed all that forever.

Today I’d like to talk about some of my favourite scenes in the show. This may take a while, as there are so many. The first scene sets out the theme, as Sophie posts her letters to her prospective dads, and sings a few lines of ‘I have a dream’ so beautifully, before her friends and bridesmaids (Lisa and Ali) crash through the doors. As Sophie tells them what she’s done, reading from her mums diary, they all break into song (Honey Honey) with a wonderfully funny routine, setting everything up nicely for the rest of the show. 

The next scene sees the arrival of Rosie, Tanya and Donna along with Sky, Pepper and Eddie. As they introduce each other we have a fabulous routine with Money Money Money, as the whole ensemble get involved with an imaginative set and a great rendition of the song by Donna (Sara Poyzer) and the cast. Brilliant to watch,so slick and well put together.

Moving onto the next scene, Sam,Bill and Harry enter, as they meet Sophie for the first time. This is when we really get to hear the amazingly beautiful voice of Sophie, (Lucy May Barker), along with Harry, Bill and eventually Sam, as they sing ‘Thank you for the music’. I love this scene,it’s so beautiful to listen to. This moves nicely to another funny scene when Donna meets Sam, Bill and Harry, her mortified look is brilliant, as she realises Sophie’s dads have turned up for the wedding. Donna belts out a great version of ‘Mamma Mia’, with the help of some strategically placed ensemble members, backing her on the chorus.

One of the funniest scenes of the first act is up next with Rosie and Tanya settling into their room, when Donna bursts in, horrified at what just happened. A fabulous comic scene as Rosie, Tanya and latter Donna sing another two superb renditions of ‘Chiquita’ and ‘Dancing Queen’. A really well put together, funny, extravagant scene, and yet another one of my favourite parts to the show. What am I talking about, I love every scene. So I’ll leave it there for a while and carry on from there on my next instalment.

Just a quick word on today’s two shows, before I go. Again both were totally amazing, just can’t get enough of this brilliant musical.  Just magnificent.

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